Frequently Asked Questions

and everything else we could think of.

About our Products / Napkins

What is the product?

It's a single-use wet napkin with custom packaging!

While the towel is actually useful for cleaning, the package creates an advertising space for your business.

What kind of image can we print?

Any image goes: A photo of a burger and fry basket? Logo of a bank or a local law firm? Drone-shot images of the mansion you are trying to rent for weddings? Anything.

The whole surface is your canvas. CMYK handles basically any color combination you like.

I have this picture - can you print it?

Yes, in almost every case, we can. The better the quality of the original picture, the better the printed outcome turns out.

Feel free to send us an an email with the image attached, and we will let you know right away.

What are the package sizes?

Package sizes range from 5 x 5cm to 7 x 14cm // 2" x 2" to 2.75" x 5.5". A credit card is about 6 x 10cm, or 2.4" x 4".

With utility in mind, a credit card sized package works great.

With advertising, you can go for a rather larger surface and make the image truly stand out.

How many are in a box - what's the box size?

Depending on the size of the packaging, boxes hold from 1000 pieces to 1500 pieces.

Box size is 12x12x20" / 15-20 lbs.

What kind of towel is it? Is it flushable or biodegradable?

We are using two kinds of towel material: Biodegradable cotton and regular nonwoven fabric.

While these napkins are flushable, we recommend them to be disposed as trash.

What scent options do I have?

We have a wide array of options to chose from: from jasmine to clementine, from clean soap smell to sharp green tea.

It should be noted that alcohol makes the scents sharper.

Do these napkins have alcohol? Do they kill bacteria or germs or anything?

We offer options with or without alcohol. You can choose between upto 80% alcohol napkins that are disinfecting, or go with a regular napkin that is sanitizing.

Questions about Logistics

Can we get some samples first?

Absolutely! Send us a request for samples by clicking here, we will send you a sample bag with various size and fragrance options.

Give us a week to deliver them to your door for free.

How soon may I receive my order?

Approximately three to four weeks for your first order.

(There has never been a ETD longer than 30 days!)

Absolute quickest delivery times?

For repetitive orders, we can deliver in under a week.

For the first time orders, 20 days is the about the absolute fastest we might be able to guarantee.

Can you integrate with my existing delivery/distribution company?

We understand the potential headache coming from the paperwork of yet another third company and we are working to solve that!

We are working on solutions to integrate our deliveries, and invoices, with delivery/distribution companies that our partners are working with.

About prices and details

What are the prices?

On average, wholesale prices per unit ranges from a couple of cents to about ten cents.

Excludes a $45 Setup fee that is paid once per image.

What additionals costs will there be?

Shipping and applicable taxes, such as State Sales Tax.

What is the MOQ?

Regular MOQ is 10,000 pieces. If you would like to get a smaller batch, feel free to contact us.

(10,000 naps usually last about three days in franchises and about a month in regular restaurants.)

Who are we, where did we come from?

Where is our production?

Our main production plant is in Istanbul, Turkey.

What do we do?

Cleanaps is focused on producing single-use wet napkins, along with paper cups, dry napkins - all with custom prints.

Compared to the industry standard wet napkins, our product has better package, better towel, and better scent - in total, it’s a superior product that delivers!


While we are slowly establishing our presence in the US market and preparing to work with big names such as Sysco or Aramark, we are already a prominent supplier in Europe.

You can check some of our US clients under the References tab.